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Unfortunately my email account was hacked on Monday this week, so I would like to apologise to anyone who received an email of a dubious nature from me. 

I also used my email account as a means of backing up my contact information, but unfortunately Microsoft will not grant a recovery of my information meaning that I am missing a number of phone numbers for customers.

My web page www.Just4Pawsgrooming.co.uk contains the facility to email me, however, these emails will not currently make their way to me, so calling is best for now.

I am trying my best to rectify the situation but please bear with me and use text or voice calls to contact me or Facebook for the meantime. 

Many thanks for your understanding



Many dogs are coming in with itchy skin conditions. A bath can really benefit itchy skin as it cleans the skin of any of the organisms or bacteria that cause them. I can use specialist shampoos provided by your vet or a medicated shampoo designed to sooth the skin and calm irratations!


If you are interested in an alternative to kennels and a home from home holiday for your dog I would thoroughly recommend Barking Mad! Shirley is also always on the look out for suitable hosts, so if you think you would like the pleasure of dog owning without the full time responsibilities, consider becoming a Host! Here is the link to Shirley's service http://www.barkingmad.uk.com/franchisees/northampton/


Really excited to have introduced Pet Remedy De-Stress and Calming diffuser into my grooming room. For more details read the news section but having read some reviews I am really excited to have found another natural remedy to help really calm my doggy customers. I really am turning into a spa for dogs!


Hand Stripping now available for all you Border Terrier lovers!


Grooming tips for Puppy owners on our news page


Some information about the shampoos I use added to the news section of the website.

Halloween and Fireworks nights are coming. Look at the tips for a safe night for our pets on the News page!


MORE PICTURES ADDED!!!New picture gallery of the dogs I have had in so far on the Services page of the website





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