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Jez is a 14 yr old Cavalier King Charles spaniel from Duston. He was a bit wobbly on the table and nods a bit following a stroke but I think some of it may have been him playing to my soft side because when he was off the table he ran around the best! Because he is a bit older I popped a cushion under him to do his feet!

And this is Teddy Beau's brother! A bit smaller in stature and much braver when it came to the wee knots in his legs! They really were two very sweet boys and are all booked in again for 5 weeks and I can't wait to see them again!

This is Beau one of the two Bichon Frise brothers in today. I forgot to take a before photo of Beau so this is him after the bath and after he was all done! He is quite big for a Bichon and quite different from his brother and quite the baby when I happened upon some knots in his legs! But very sweet natured!

Milo is a Pomeranian Long haired Chihuahua from East Hunsbury. He had got a bit hairy and needed a good tidy up all over. I think he looks fantastic and judging by the photo he thought he looked pretty good too!

From Pattishall, Woody the Miniature Schnauzer who hadn't had groom for a while but who stood like a wee angel to get all smartened up and I think he looks great! His hoomum has booked his next appointment for 6 weeks time so he stays in shape!

Gorgeous Esme is a Shitzu Pug cross from Kislingbury! She was a bit overgrown when she came to me but went out looking very smart! She was ever so wiggly and happy, really cheerful to have around!

Barney is a working Cocker Spaniel from Bugbrooke who is a wee baby at just 11 months. His hoomum just wanted him tidied up and thought he looked great when he was all done!

Meet Rambo the Jack Russell from Kislingbury who came in for nail trim. As Rambo isn't keen on getting his nails done his owner agreed to him having a bath and nails as it can be easier to do nails in the bath. Actually Rambo didn’t live up to his name and wasn't so tricky at all and nails were achieved relatively easily! Next time he will just get his nails done but his hoomum quite likes his fluffy coat and sweet smell so has said she thinks she might go bath again!

Bailey is a Labradoodle from Nether Heyford, who came in for "fixing" after he had a rather bad experience elsewhere. He had had all his eyebrows and cheeks removed and was a little patchy. I used a guard comb to take his coat all the same length and tidy him up and trimmed his face and ears ready to grow them back! He was like a big teddy! Hopefully next time I will get his character back into his face! But a cutie nonetheless! He loved playing with Maya when he was finished!

First customer back after Christmas was Humbug the Springer Spaniel from Duston. He was very nervy and although not afraid of jumping on the table or into the bath he was clearly anxious. I used a happy hoodie when drying him to minimize the noise and have him two long breaks during the process working quickly while he was on the table. By the end he was running around with a squeaky toy in his mouth completely relaxed! His owner wanted his entire coat off as she has a small child who rather likes Humbugs feathering!

Meet Woody a 1yr old cocker spaniel from Bugbrooke. Woody had never been to the groomers before but very quickly settled and was great to work with. His owner wanted him clipped off as he was moulting heavily but wanted to keep his wig and ears! Think he thinks rather pleased with himself! Look at that smile! He did not keep still for 1 minute when he wasn’t being worked on!

Just had to post another one of Bella! How big has this little lady got!! She is growing up so fast and has got all leggy! Bella came in today for a bath and groom out and was a very brave little girl with all the noises! Can't wait to see her again!

Jenny from Kislingbury came in today for a trim and tidy and a bath. All sweet smelling for Christmas! Her sister Bella is due in tomorrow! Jenny is deaf and her sister Bella is blind, I made sure I kept a hand on both of them while they were in with me for reassurance, they don’t visit the groomers regularly, also I made sure I approached them at the side but near their head so they could get a god sense of where I was and what I was doing. Although I seem to chat to the dogs a lot when I groom them, I made extra effort with Bella as she is blind to tell her what I was doing and when… I am sure they must think I am mad but I think my customers appreciate it!



Guinness is a springer spaniel from Bugbrooke. He has got to be the most gentlemanly dog I think I have ever met! He was so well behaved and calm! His owner says he has his moments but I can't believe he is ever anything but perfect!

Barney is a little Norfolk Terrier from Kislingbury. He is blind in his left eye and has only partial sight in his right but still has bags if confidence! He was very sweet but not a fan of having his feet touched so they aren't as neat as I would have hoped! See you soon Barney!


This is Daisy a Jack Russell/Yorkshire terrier cross from Bugbrooke! She had a very very fine coat and her mummy didn't want her clipped down tight but to keep some of her curls. I think her body looks good and because she was knot free I was able to use attachment combs! Unfortunately her face doesn't look at all good in this pic but she was a lot tidier after her groom!

How cute is this fella! This is Bentley a 5mth old Cocker Spaniel recommended by Vets 4 Pets in Northampton! He came in today for a puppy pamper, a bath, brush out, nails and pads trimmed. He was adorable, I didn't want to give him back! It is lovely to receive a recommendation from the vets for the way I work with the dogs!

Chocolate Labrador, Theo from Brockhall is hosting a Christmas party tonight and I am certain he will be the most handsome chap there! He had a bath and his nails done and a thorough brush out. His mum tells me he is very fond of rolling in dead animals so we had to make sure he smelled nice for the party! Pity you cant smell him through the screen he was rather fragrant after!

Lovely Archie the Border Terrier is a local boy from Kislingbury! His owner initially wanted him clipped but then decided to go with handstripping at the last minute as it does keep a Border’s coat much better! What a smart boy he is and so brave! At least that’s it all over for a good 5 months or so Archie!

Sweet little Meg from Duston! Meg had missed her regular appointment as her groomer had broken her leg, so she came in for a full groom today to Just 4Paws to give me a try. She was a bit knotted under her belly but was very brave when we clipped it off. Her hoomum wanted her entire coat off as she is much easier to keep on top of that way! Quite sweet I think. I am fairly certain Meg is a convert to Just 4Paws and I will be seeing her again!



Handsome Gus from Flore is a Miniature Schnauzer!! Not much else to be said about this chap I think he does his own talking! He was very good at being groomed because he is a pro! He has regular appointments every 6-8 weeks!! His hoomum keeps in fantastic condition and he was a pleasure to work with.

Local boy Pip from Kislingbury today!! Pip was described to me, when I asked what breed of dog was he, as ‘a white dog’ so I wasn’t sure what to expect! I think there might be some shitzu in him, but one thing is for sure he is very sweet! He was already very cute when he came in but as he lives with some bigger dogs his mummy wanted his coat all off!! He gets very mucky when he plays with his friends!! He was such a sweetheart I hope I see him again!!

Another local lady from Kislingbury, Willow the Yorkshire Terrier!! I was able to walk round and collect her this morning, beautify her and walk her back home! I scissored her legs and chest as her owner didn't want her to go too short before the hard winter. Rather pretty I think! Can't believe Willow stood exactly the same pose for her before and after shots!!

This is Milo's brother Rolo! He is a shitzu cross terrier! He was super sweet just like his name! I used a medicated shampoo as Rolo has a slight skin irritation which was a bit inflamed and it has lavender and tea tree in it to calm his skin. I think the Nether Heyford brothers looked great !!

Milo the Shitzu came in from Nether Heyford, with his brother for a full groom for Christmas! He was a wee bit overdue his haircut and quite wooly but I think he looked really smart when he was all done! Look forward to seeing you really soon Milo! Milo's Mummy and Daddy had been really happy with their previous groomer, who has now retired, so they were a bit nervous about finding someone new! I am so pleased they have given me their full vote of confidence and will definitely be back!

Meet Henry, a rather sizeable Cocker Spaniel. His owner had previously just had him totally clipped off and wanted to see him left with character however he had only been clipped twice in the last year and was really quite knotty. I worked my way through his coat removing matts and then he had a good bath and a final finishing clip. I was quite pleased with the result! Just hope it's not so long till his next appointment!

How gorgeous is this big fella!! This is Bernie a 61kg St Bernard puppy from Northampton!! (Yes puppy, he's only nearly 1yrs). After a bit of chancing his arm Bernie settled down for a full groom out. He had gotten some little matts behind his ears and around his manhood but he got rid of those and nearly a whole other dog of hair! He has obviously been really well handled by his mummy and daddy and was delightful if a bit of a handful to begin!!!


Bichon Frise Lily from Everdon, came in today for a full groom! She was a little timid when mummy and daddy left but by the end she was having a snooze on the table! She had a good play with Maya and a hug from my 4yr old to "calm her down" apparently she needed him! Her before pic is the bottom left hand square (although hopefully you could tell!!!)

This is Bella she is 4mths and 2weeks old and came in for her introductory visit to the groomers. She was absolutely brilliant! She was encouraged to get on the table and go up into the bath of her volition and rewarded with a treat every time! She had in between her pads and her nails trimmed and her ears and eyes cleaned. She was happy to have a full groom out and looked ever so smart after! We turned the drier on and off and she was even happy to just sit and watch it after a time! Bella is one intelligent puppy and hopefully she'll be back one day for a bath and a bit more pampering!


Lovely Candy came in today from near Rothersthorpe. Candy loves the river and is never out of it so the warm bath was her favourite bit of being groomed. She was too tired by the end to stand up and pose so hope you get an idea of the difference in her! Hope to see you again Candy!!

This is Gorse is a gorgeous Pointer from Pattishall and an old friend of mine and Maya's! She came in for a bath and to have her nails done! She was quite a girly girl and enjoys a good old pamper session so she had a lovely massage as part of her bath. when it was all over she had a great play with Maya! Her nails were really quite long so it was good to get those trimmed!

Meet Jack the Longhaired Jack Russell cross. He has just moved to Kislingbury and his new owners wanted him to be smartened up a bit. He was very nervous of the drier so I was happy to spend a little extra time turning it off and on to get Jack used to the sound and feel but during the process Jack decided it was all ok after all!! Good boy Jack!

This is Toby from Flore, Northamptonshire. He has just got himself a new Daddy human and so came in to Just 4Paws for a spruce up. His new Daddy didnt want to lose any length off his coat so he didn't have any clipping done, just a good tidy up with the scissors on his feathers which they wanted a bit shorter for the bad weather. He was very well behaved and as he had a poorly ear, I administered the drops, given by the vet, for his owner to help them out. His ear was quite swollen so I hope he feels much better very soon. He had a fantastic time playing with Maya and I am sure he will be very keen to meet his cousin, Toffee (pictured below) and have more fun times to come!

Scampi is a little rescued Norfolk cross Terrier from Northampton. I was advised he would need a muzzle to do his full groom, bath, clip and nails, but I am really happy to report that the muzzle never made it out of the drawer! Scampi and I got along just fine. He has a bit of a skin condition so I used a medicated shampoo to avoid any irratation. Hope to see you really soon Scampi!

This is Storm, he belongs to Chris Rose of the Canine Guild of Evolution, who I have just become associated with as their recommended Groomer! Chris brought Storm along for a 'field trim', he wanted to reduce his feathering on his legs as his walks are all fairly muddy ones, but keep a springer look to him. His ears had got a bit matted so we took those right back to the ear leather. He was definitely cleaner when he went home, as he arrived straight after his favourite muddy walk!

It was a real local day yesterday as we had a second dog in from my village, Kislingbury! This is Max he is a Cavalier King Charles whose owner just likes all his coat off, especially at this time of year! He was in fantastic condition before he came in and I think he just looks that little bit shinier now, but he smells divine!

This is Sasha a lovely Border Terrier from Kislingbury, who came in for handstripping. Her coat was really ready to come out and she was very patient throughout the process. She was a bit bushy before, but how sleek is Sasha now! See you in 5 months!!

Gorgeous Toffee, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel from Weedon, who came in today for a full bath, groom and to have his nails done. Such a lovely natured boy he put up with lots of work on his ears to get rid of a few tight matts as it had been a while since his last appointment. He was such a bundle of fun, very sweet! Hope to see him again soon! I used a medicated shampoo as he has just recovered from a wee infection.

Bertie the very playful Malshie (Maltese x Shitzu) from Weedon, came in today. He was full of beans but very good at getting his hair cut! He is great at looking after himself and is hoping to pop back for another appointment in 4-6 weeks, what a clever boy! I really look forward to seeing him again we had a great game of tug with a rope toy!

Now how cute is this little lady! Lili is a Cavachon, Cavalier x Bichon from Harleston. She was adorable to work with and went from being a shaggy teddy to being a neater and sweet smelling teddy! She was so wiggly when mummy arrived i struggled to get a side on photo of her looking at me so settled on 2 separate photographs. She was so sweet! Her mummy was delighted when she saw her and has said she will definitely be back!

A rather hairy Jackson, a Sheltie from Upton, came in yesterday for a bath and groom out. He had accumulated some knots behind his ears and his back end had got a bit tangled with the change in the weather. But we got rid of all that dead hair that made him look like a lion and how proud of his new look is he with that smile! I could have made a whole new Jackson with what came out! Jackson has never been so relaxed coming out of the groomers before his Mum reported, she was a little surprised at how comfortable he was around me.

This is Ollie a Parsons Jack Russell from Flore. He had been having a bit too much fun with the hedgehogs in his garden and had got a bit smelly! His mummy brought him along for a bath and to have his nails done, doesn't he look handsome.

This is the gorgeous Misty, the 8yr old Mastiff from Duston. She was an angel! she loved her massage in the bath to get out lots of dead hair and was rather fond of having her photographs taken when she was all done! A happy poser!

This is Alfie... He is a handsome 10yr old Westie from Bugbrooke, who believes he is only a pup! His owner likes his legs left a bit longer and no skirt as he gets a bit messy when he is out and about. I used a medicated shampoo on Alfie as Westie's can sometimes have sometimes have problem skin. Alfie didn't but the medicated shampoo is milder. Alfie has his Christmas appointment booked in preparation for Father Christmas, clever boy!

Absolutely lovely George the Cocker from Duston. A proper gentleman! He had a complete clip off as he had been having a bit too much fun in the mud recently! George's ears were heavily matted and had to be taken back to the ear leather and well shampooed to remove some of the lingering smells.

This is Spike a terrrier cross from Rothersthorpe. He came in today as my first customer. It had been a while since he had last been to a groomer as with previous visits he had been a bit grumpy when he returned home. But he was a delightful gentleman and he seemed to be happy with his new look! His mummy definitely was and said he has been really chilled out since he got back, so she will definitely be back.


This is Sam, a Sprocker from Harpole who is fully of beans! Sam had his seriously handsome face on for his after picture! He was lots of fun to do and looks super after!

Monty is an Irish Terrier from Northampton, who hasnt been to a grooming salon for a while. He is an older boy at 14yrs so we had lots of breaks for him to have a rest and I think he was very pleased with his smart new look, he looks years younger!

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