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There are many benefits of regular grooming, it not only makes your dog look better but it also contributes to his or her psychological health. Grooming is important for all dogs no matter what their age, size or breed. Regular grooming improves the pet's physical comfort by preventing painful matting, removing dirt, excess oil, dead skin, shedding hair, parasites and of course bad odours. From a purely health-related perspective, regular grooming can also help identify other problems which may go unnoticed without the extra attention.


On arrival each dog is appraised and evaluated individually with their owners before their groom to ensure that your dog gets the attention that their coat and condition requires. At this time we can discuss how best to groom, trim and tailor his/her coat according to their breed and lifestyle. Your dog can be groomed either to breed standard or to your own specific requirements. Please tell us anything you may think is important to your dog's well being. Every dog is different and may need specific treatment depending on its age or temperament.

A brief look at my services

  • 1 to 1 grooming experience
  • Bathing
  • Styling
  • Clipping
  • Nail Clipping
  • Hand Stripping
  • Skin Care
  • Ear Plucking and Eye Cleaning
  • Puppies and Elderly Dog Packages
  • Catering for all dogs, small & large, cross or pedigree. I provide a personal consultation to discuss your requirements
  • Fully insured and qualified for your peace of mind
  • Working from my village location, my doggy grooming salon puts even the most nervous of pets at ease enabling them to enjoy the grooming experience
  • Prices vary and are determined according to size and grooming required.

The Bathing Process at Just 4Paws

The bathing station I use is a stainless steel bath with a non slip base. It has a ramp entrance which I use to encourage dogs to walk up into the bath, again positively reinforcing the bathing step of the grooming process and removing the sense that they are having ‘something done to them’.


I am a fan of a British made shampoo range which uses natural extracts to ensure a top quality finish. I match the shampoo type to the skin and coat type and condition of the dog. I always shampoo all dogs twice and give a muscle massage before I rinse the second shampoo off.


My regular shampoo is an Apple one. Apple extract is great at removing dirt and odour so has an excellent cleaning power whilst providing a fragrance which is natural and fresh. Apple extract also helps to promote healthy hair growth and repair damaged cells within the skin which might not be something everyone knows!


I also use a medicated shampoo designed for dogs with itchiness, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry or flaky skin, this one features Tea Tree and Lavender to soothe and heal the skin. The lavender extracts help to relax the muscle, clam the pet and calm the inflamed skin in addition to removing the bad odours often associated with irritated skin. Aside from leaving the coat soft and fresh it also helps to repel fleas and other biting insects.


For those dogs that perhaps carry some unwanted guests, I also use an insecticidal shampoo which has a concentrated solution known to kill fleas quickly and safely it is also an effective preventative measure and deterrent, protecting against re-infestation. The insecticidal shampoo also cleanses and conditions the coat, leaving it glossy and attractive and gives a natural resilience to tick and flea infestation.


I have 2 driers in the studio, one is high velocity but variable, which is great for ‘blasting’ the dirt and dead hair from dogs. It is great when de-shedding hairy hounds! However, it can be noisy and for those more nervous dogs, I use a stand drier which is quieter and not as intrusive. I also use the stand drier for those dogs who require their coats brushed whilst being dried.


Grooming your Puppy & Older Dogs


Grooming your puppy is a nice way to spend quality time together while also allowing you to monitor your dog's health by checking for cuts, bumps, tenderness, etc. Many people wait until the puppy is over 6 months for their first groom. However, the sooner you familiarize them with being groomed, the happier your puppy will be. Your puppy’s first grooming experience can be likened to that of a child’s first dentist appointment. If it scares them, it will build a future fear that can be difficult to overcome. However, if introduced at a young age and introduced correctly, it can be both a positive and rewarding experience.


I offer a puppy package which includes bringing your pup along to my salon to allow it to hear the drier and clipper noises. I stand your pet in the bath and run the shower beside it but not wetting the dog. They have the opportunity to stand on the table and become familiar with me and being handled. I run a brush over your pup but do not attempt to ‘groom’ it. This session is free.


On their second visit they come for a bath and to be dried. I use a medicated shampoo suitable for puppy coats and only apply the shampoo once (normally they are shampooed twice). They are rinsed off and dried using the stand dryer and high velocity drier depending on their anxiety levels. We take as much time as is necessary. I welcome owners to stay for this appointment if you feel it will reassure your pet.

I would advise that your pup is brought into the salon as soon as they have had their final inoculations at 12 weeks and it becomes part of their routine.


Older dogs may need time when having their groom. Time to rest from clipping, standing on the table and just to have a stretch. I have that time to give them. Just 4Paws will work with your older pets throughout their dog grooming experience to give them the time they need to look their best.


I also offer a hand stripping service for all those Border Terrier lovers out there!!

ime! She had in between her pads and her nails trimmed and her ears and eyes cleaned. She was happy to have a full groom out and looked ever so smart after! We turned the drier on and off and she was even happy to just sit and watch it after a time! Bella is one intelligent puppy and hopefully she'll be back one day for a bath and a bit more pampering!


ime! She had in between her pads and her nails trimmed and her ears and eyes cleaned. She was happy to have a full groom out and looked ever so smart after! We turned the drier on and off and she was even happy to just sit and watch it after a time! Bella is one intelligent puppy and hopefully she'll be back one day for a bath and a bit more pampering!



I will be pleased to provide you with more details about my services. Contact me on 07590 723182 or use the contact form.

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Just 4Paws is closing December 2020


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Just 4Paws is CLOSED

Just 4Paws Grooming services in Kislingbury will be closing for good in December 2020. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my customers for their friendship and support over the last 7 years. Thank you Justine 

Covid 19 Suspension in Trading

In line with Government advice, Just 4Paws has temporarily ceased trading. 

I hope to see as many of you as possible once this situation has resolved.


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