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Covid 19 


Due to the current Corona Virus pandemic, I have had to cease trading temporarily. I would hope to be able to open when the Government advise and I look forward to welcoming you all back when this strangest of times allows. In the meantime, please all stay safe.


Many thanks for your understanding.




Itchy Skin Conditions...


Lots of dogs have been coming in recently with skin allergies. Much of the time this is due to the changing seaons and the new grass affecting dogs skin. My own dog suffers with seasonal skin reactions and frequently has to visit the vet for a steroid treatment. Many of these dogs can have their condition treated with an anti Bacterial/anti fungal shampoo such as Malaseb which is precribed by the vet, but additionally a good shampoo and keeping the dogs skin clean will allieviate much of the itching. Booking your dog in for a bath could really help and if you have a special shampoo you would like me to use I am happy to do that. The medicated shampoo I use is a Lavender and Tea Tree mix which is excellent for soothing skin and reducing inflamation.

Yellow Ribbon Campaign


Ever seen a dog out with a yellow ribbon, bandanna or something similar on its lead, well there may well be a reason! This is a dog which needs some space. Please, do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be close to other dogs. How close is too close? Only the dog or his people know, so maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way.


Why might a dog need space?

There are many reasons why a dog may need space: 

  • Maybe it has health issues 
  • It may be a rescue dog being rehabilitated. The world can be a very scary place for these dogs. 
  • It may have had a bad experience with another dog or is just not like the kind of friendly dogs which always want to say “Hi!”
  • A bitch may be in heat
  • The dog may be in training
  • It may be very old and arthritic
  • It may be very nervous or shy and other dogs cause it stress

In short, a yellow marker on a dog means it needs some space.  So be sure to respect its wishes and give it some space.

Here is a link to a website giving further information http://www.yellowdoguk.co.uk/

I am really excited to have just started using Pet Remedy in the grooming room, it is a natural de-stress and calming plug-in diffuser that has made a huge impact in the pet world since launching just 2 years ago. This was as a result of successful trials over two years with several vets, veterinary nurses and RSPCA rescue centres.


Pet Remedy is made up of a special blend of valerian , vetivert, basil, and sage, and works via the GABA pathway. This means when a pet is stressed or anxious (which unfortunately many can become as a result of the grooming process) and the nerve cells are 'fired up' by adrenaline, the actives in Pet Remedy trick the fired up nerve cell into thinking it is receiving a calming message from the brain called GABA.


Valerian is normally only available in high potency oils, pills, capsules, powders, teabags, etc. When the dosage is high it tends to spike the brain followed by a rapid drop in effect!!! (like a sugar rush).Also in high dosage valerian can sedate rather than calm.


One of the reasons Pet Remedy works so well is that it is low dosage and constant slow release so this is very kind and gentle on the metabolism and easy for the body to adapt to.


The spray is a water based PH neutral formulation and is safe on skin and coat.


I cant wait to see the results, I have been told the first dog of the new year, I have in, gets very stressed and anxious at the groomers and they have struggled to find a groomer both the owner and dog are happy with so hopefully this may help!

Read on for grooming tips for puppy owners!

Grooming Tips for Puppy Owners


Grooming is important for both the health of your pet and the bond you share. Grooming your puppy is a nice way to spend quality time together while also allowing you to monitor your dog's health by checking for cuts, bumps, tenderness, etc. Many people wait until the puppy is over 6 months for their first groom. However, the sooner you familiarize them with being groomed, the happier your puppy will be. Your puppy’s first grooming experience can be likened to that of a child’s first dentist appointment. If it scares them, it will build a future fear that can be difficult to overcome. However, if introduced at a young age and introduced correctly, it can be both a positive and rewarding experience.

Here are some tips to start doing with your pup to help get him or her used to being groomed:

  • Establish a regular location and routine for grooming. A good location is a table with a rubber mat on top (a bath mat will do) this provides traction and stops your wiggly puppy slipping! Your dog needs to learn that this place is not playtime but ‘grooming time’ and standing still is rewarded this will take time and patience and short, frequent sessions with  lots of verbal praise and treats.
  • Show your puppy his brush & comb. Let it sniff and play with it a few seconds. Brush his coat a few times, then reward your puppy with a small treat and verbal praise. Do the same with the comb. When brushing do so in the direction of the hair growth. Brushing in the opposite direction can be uncomfortable. Dogs with thick or long coats may need to be groomed every day to prevent painful mats and knots. Smooth-coated breeds may require grooming less frequently, but keep it a routine so it becomes familiar and expected.
    • Touch your new puppy's feet and rub your fingers between its toes a couple times a day. This will make nail clipping easier. I promise, your groomer and your vet and in the long run, your precious pet, will love you for this.  It is a natural instinct for dogs to pull their feet back when being touched. This is a great idea to start when very young. Many pets are perfect for grooming and only stress out during the nail trimming process. This can be avoided by your taking the time to help train them to enjoy it.
  • The bathing products available for dogs today are almost as numerous as those for us humans, and they're much better suited to a dog's skin type than human shampoos. Choose a special dog shampoo that's best suited to your puppy's hair type and take extra care not to get any shampoo in his eyes when washing him. Make sure to use an non slip mat in the bath as its scary for a puppy to slide around on a slippery surface and this could increase anxiety around bath time.
  • Use a hairdryer on a low heat and at a low velocity keeping it at a good distance away from your dog. They will need to get used to the noise and sensation of the drier if they are a breed that requires regular grooming, but their skin will be sensitive and you need to ensure you don’t give your pet heat burn or again make them anxious about this part of the process.
    • Play with your puppies ears, by touching them on the inside & outside. Afterwards,  reward  him with lots of praise and a small treat. This is important because so many breeds require the hair be plucked from their ears and this is the second favourite to nail trimming. (NOT!)
    • Open your puppy's mouth and touch its teeth and gums. Dental care should begin as early as possible. You can begin by using a finger brush or puppy toothbrush and toothpaste made for your pet.Please remember though this only removes the surface and a regular dental cleaning should be scheduled with your Vet.

If your puppy needs professional grooming because of breed requirements introduce your pet early to a friendly groomer. They will offer familiarisation packages to help reduce any anxieties your dog may have in this strange environment and help establish it as normal practice.


I offer a puppy package which includes bringing your pup along to my salon to allow it to hear the drier and clipper noises. I stand your pet in the bath and run the shower beside it but not wetting the dog. They have the opportunity to stand on the table and become familiar with me and being handled. I run a brush over your pup but do not attempt to ‘groom’ it. This session is free.


On their second visit they come for a bath and to be dried. I use a medicated shampoo suitable for puppy coats and only apply the shampoo once (normally they are shampooed twice). They are rinsed off and dried using the stand dryer and high velocity drier depending on their anxiety levels. We take as much time as is necessary. I welcome owners to stay for this appointment if you feel it will reassure your pet.


I would advise that your pup is brought into the salon as soon as they have had their final inoculations at 12 weeks and it becomes part of their routine.


Hopefully following these hints and tips and establishing a good relationship with your future groomer, you and your pup will have a less stressful grooming experience in the future.

I thought I would make people aware of the shampoos I use.


I am a fan of a British made shampoo range which uses natural extracts to ensure a top quality finish. I match the shampoo type to the skin and coat type and condition of the dog.


My regular shampoo is an Apple one. Apple extract is great at removing dirt and odour so has an excellent cleaning power whilst providing a fragrance which is natural and fresh. Apple extract also helps to promote healthy hair growth and repair damaged cells within the skin which might not be something everyone knows!


I also use a medicated shampoo designed for dogs with itchiness, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry or flaky skin, this one features Tea Tree and Lavender to soothe and heal the skin. The lavender extracts help to relax the muscle, clam the pet and calm the inflamed skin in addition to removing the bad odours often associated with irritated skin. Aside from leaving the coat soft and fresh it also helps to repel fleas and other biting insects.


For those dogs that perhaps carry some unwanted guests, I also use an insecticidal shampoo which has a concentrated solution known to kill fleas quickly and safely it is also an effective preventative measure and deterrent, protecting against re-infestation. The insecticidal shampoo also cleanses and conditions the coat, leaving it glossy and attractive and gives a natural resilience to tick and flea infestation.

Many dog owners are simply unaware of the affect that firework fear can have on their dogs and every year there are dog owners who simply don’t know how to calm their doggies. The most important safety tip to give dog owners is to “keep your dog indoors” 


Another very important tip is to ensure your dog is micro chipped, this way should your dog become frightened and run off and is too disorientated to find their way back they are at least identifiable. Some useful advice to follow is….


Before the fireworks begin:

  • Walk your dog before dark – make sure your dog is well exercised and has had a toilet break before the Fireworks begin.
  • Feed your dog before the fireworks begin as he may become unsettled and not want to eat during the fireworks.
  • Make sure your house and garden are secure during the fireworks as fear may make the dog act out of character and he may try to escape.
  • Try to settle your dog before the fireworks start – if your dog is in familiar safe surroundings it will help him cope with the noise.
  • Provide a safe hiding place – at noisy times around Halloween, make sure your dog has somewhere safe in his or her favorite room, perhaps under the table. Close the curtains and turn up the volume on your TV or radio to drown out the firework noises.


There are some desensitisation programmes that your vet can advise you on which may help your dog to cope better next time, but can take several weeks and should be planned. If you have a puppy you might want to consider one of these programmes to prevent noise phobias from occurring.


Ask your vet about DAP (dog appeasing pheromone). This is a scent that is undetected by humans but can provide comfort to your pet. It comes in a diffuser, spray or collar.

Just 4Paws our story so far

It all started here!

Then along came the Jewsons lorry...

And we had our doorway!

My lovely husband, Richard, doing the painting! Just 4Paws is a family affair.

This time it was Mum hard at work planting pots and shifting stones! Floor going down tonight! October 1st opening day!

Few final electrics but this is it!

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Just 4Paws is CLOSED

Just 4Paws Grooming services in Kislingbury will be closing for good in December 2020. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my customers for their friendship and support over the last 7 years. Thank you Justine 

Covid 19 Suspension in Trading

In line with Government advice, Just 4Paws has temporarily ceased trading. 

I hope to see as many of you as possible once this situation has resolved.


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